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Take Care with Self-Repair 


Self-Repair service now available

Samsung is expanding the Self-Repair solutions for you to repair your device. Get more out of your Samsung device with iFixit. For those interested in making their own repairs, Samsung and iFixit are offering a Self-Repair solution for fixing many common device issues. Samsung genuine parts are now available for Galaxy S20, S21, S22, Tab S7+, Galaxy Book Pro 15 inch and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15 inch models.

Watch a video on back glass repair

With Samsung’s Self-Repair program, you can easily perform repairs, including fixing the cracked back glass on your device.

Before you begin making any repairs, be sure to back up your data, power off your phone and ensure that your phone is fully discharged. You’ll also need to remove your phone’s SIM. 

More videos on Samsung Self-Repair 

auto-Woman-with-phone-self-repair auto-Woman-with-phone-self-repair

Explore Samsung repair guides

Visit iFixit for repair guides to help you decide if you want to take on the repair yourself. After starting a self-repair, you can reach out to the iFixit community on the Answers Forum for further technical support. Official Samsung repair guides are below or they can be downloaded when you add a Samsung genuine part to your iFixit shopping cart.

Galaxy Book Pro 15 Series

Galaxy S22 Series

Galaxy Tab S7 Series

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Check warranty status

Log into your Samsung Account to check your warranty coverage options

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Samsung Care+

If you have Samsung Care+, file a claim and let our experts take care of the rest.

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Samsung repair solutions

If self-repair is not right for you, Samsung offers a vast network of Samsung repair solutions with over 2,000 locations offering same-day service, We Come to You van service and contactless mail-in repair. 

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Recycle for a greener future

After extending your device's life, help us reduce its impact on the planet — simply send back your discarded displays using the return slip provided for a #DramaFreeDropOff. Samsung is on a mission to collect and recycle 15-billion pounds of discarded products and electronics by 2030, so let's team up and help protect a greener future together.

Take advantage of iFixit Support

Stuck on a particular problem during self-repair? Head to iFixit Support’s online Answers Forum for community advice or to start a new question. Explore all the Samsung resources available on iFixit today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make the repairs?

Galaxy device owners for S20, S21, S22, Tab S7+, Galaxy Book Pro 15 inch and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15 inch models will be able to review the repair guides and supporting material, which will enable them to make an informed decision as to whether they want to either move forward with a self-repair or contact Samsung Care to start repair service.

What is needed for repairs?

Visit iFixit for accessibility to tools, step-by-step repair guides and Samsung genuine parts.

Will customers have to “pair” the new parts with their Samsung phones?

Customers will not be required to enter their IMEI or to “pair” new components to their devices.

How do these repairs affect the warranty?

Samsung repair parts are covered by a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase.  If you use or retain the part(s), you accept Samsung’s Terms & Conditions, including an Arbitration Agreement.  Please refer to Samsung’s warranty for any questions about the device’s warranty.

Who should I contact if the device is not working after self-repair?

Contact Samsung Care for professional repair services. Find a Samsung Service Center near you.

What if the phone has a swollen battery?

If your phone has a swollen battery, do not attempt self-repair. You can identify if a battery is swollen with a visual inspection, noting that a swollen battery will physically separate from the rear of the unit. You can visit any Samsung Authorized Location to repair or dispose of a device with a damaged or swollen battery, or a swollen battery part. Do not ship swollen or damaged batteries through the USPS or other shipping services.