Samsung Care+


Added protection and confidence.

When the unexpected happens, rest easy with Samsung Care+. From a personal setup session to coverage for mechanical breakdowns and power surges, we'll take care of you every step of the way.

Extended warranty

Get continued protection for mechanical and electrical breakdowns after your 12-month manufacturer’s warranty ends. Plus, all repairs or replacements will have genuine Samsung parts.1

Power Surge Coverage

If an unexpected power surge causes your appliance to fail, you’re in good hands—we’ll cover the cost of your repairs.2

24/7 Dedicated Line for Onboarding and Troubleshooting

Get the most out of your appliance by calling the dedicated line for setup help or troubleshooting.2

Food Loss Reimbursement

Rest assured that you’re covered if an unexpected breakdown causes food in your fridge to spoil. You’ll be reimbursed up to $500 to help restock groceries.

Clothing Reimbursement

If an unexpected breakdown causes damage to your clothes in your washer, we’ll cover the cost up to $200 to help replace items.

TV Removal and Remount

We won’t just repair your TV, we’ll help carefully remove and remount it on your wall.
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Guaranteed Repair or Replacement

Samsung Care+ offers guaranteed repair or replacement if your product experiences mechanical and/or electrical failure, or power surge damage, after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

  • No added costs for parts/labor – costs for functional parts and labor are 100% covered
  • Quality repair – Your repair is guaranteed. If your product needs service for the same issue within 30 days of receiving original service, we've got it covered.
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Add Samsung Care+ while shopping

There’s no better time to add Samsung Care+ than at checkout so you can enjoy extra confidence from the start. Pick the coverage term that’s right for you when adding your product to cart. 
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24/7 Expert Support

We're ready to help with everything from product setup to filing a claim. Get dedicated product setup and ongoing support at 1-866-371-9501