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Eco-Conscious Service

eco-conscious badge

Meet our new badge

Exclusively used in customer service area where our environmentally conscious service projects have been applied.

  • The badge expresses our will to provide Customer Services with a mindset of environmental care.
  • The blue spanner of the logo icon represents Samsung Customer Service and the green leaf which completes the spanner implies our care for the natural environment.
  • We are using the badge for specific areas of customer service where we are seeking to apply our Eco-Conscious Service or Eco-Conscious Packaging projects.


You can choose to reduce e-waste by only replacing broken parts.

  • Samsung is dedicated to offer various options for you to repair your products instead of purchasing new products.
  • By offering convenient ways to repair, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of making new products and the amount of e-waste discarded.

Eco-waste collection

Drop-off your old mobile devices to our collection points. We will recycle them responsibly.

  • At our main service locations, we have placed e-waste collection boxes. Any customer who wants to dispose broken or used mobile products can simply drop them off to collection boxes.
  • We will deliver them to certified recycling companies so that we can take care of the last step of product lifecycle in a proper way for our environment.
  • Subject for this program: Small products such as mobile phone or wearable devices.


Customers will receive their repaired products in eco-friendly packages.

  • Instead of using a fancy glossy package for a repaired product, we’ll use packages that are made environmentally conscious way.
  • If you find our “Eco-Conscious Packaging” logo from a package, it means the package is made of materials such as recycled paper, or plastic with recycled content.
  • Our phone and tablet mail-in Eco-Conscious box claims that are approved to use: 97+% plastic-free packaging, sustainable forest certified (SFI) paper, 50+% recycled content (PCR).

Eco-Paper free

When getting a repair service, request our service center to send you information via electronic document.

  • We’re trying to make a “Paper-free” environment in our service centers. Our service centers will give you an option to get service information through email, SMS, or SNS messengers.
  • Why is this related to the environmental care? By replacing paper documents to electronic documents, we can save trees from being cut down to make paper.
  • We’ve opened paper-free solution to our service centers but some of them that use their own systems may not provide you this option.
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