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Connect all your smart home appliances and devices into one simple-to-use app for a more efficient home.

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SmartThings Cooking

Meal plan like a pro

SmartThings Cooking recommends personalized recipes based on your preferences and the ingredients you have on hand.

Meal plan like a pro Meal plan like a pro

Cook smart, save time

Search for recipes and automatically send cooking instructions to your smart oven.

Cook smart, save time Cook smart, save time

Get notified

Know when preheating is complete.

Get Notified Get notified

Join a cooking community

Discover communities for inspiration and share your favorite recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Join a cooking community Join a cooking community

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  • * All devices should be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network, and registered with a single Samsung Account.  Availability may vary by country, region, service provider, network environment, or device, and may change without notice. Images and on-screen contents simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may vary depending on software version, model, region, and other factors.
  • * SmartThings Pet Care Service availability may vary by region and is supported only on BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ model. Available on Android and iOS devices. (Android OS 8↑, iOS 13↑) A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Using BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+’s front camera, you can monitor the status of your pet. It supports E2EE(End to End Encryption), so video is securely encrypted and can only be viewed by an authorized user. The ability to recognize your pet may vary depending on the type of pet and living environment. Dogs and cats can be recognized only, and recognizable pet may be added in the future. All the devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account on SmartThings app. Each device needs to be set to be optimized for pets by the SmartThings app.