Discover how we’re putting the planet and you first, one green innovation at a time.

Everyday Changes Meaningful Impact Everyday Changes Meaningful Impact

Bringing you four new ways to live sustainably

Discover how we’re innovating our products in four key areas to perform better for you and be better for the planet.

Shop sustainably. Reduce waste.

Our Certified Re-Newed devices reduce e-waste while our Galaxy Buds2 contains recycled materials1, helping lower your carbon footprint.

Full-steam ahead to net zero

See how we’re on track to becoming a net-zero company by 2050.

Full-steam ahead to net zero Full-steam ahead to net zero

Listening to your biggest ideas

Hear from our youngest environmentalists and their imaginative innovations for the planet.

Listening to your biggest ideas Listening to your biggest ideas

Partnering up for meaningful impact

See how we’re leveraging our innovation, scale and key partnerships to help drive meaningful climate impact across the world and our business operations.

Building our ecosystem of sustainability

Discover how we’re bringing sustainability and innovation to your favorite Galaxy mobile devices, from incorporating recycled materials to more eco-conscious packaging.

Come together to protect our future

In partnership with Global Goals, Samsung invites you to join others in building a better world – one that is safe, equitable and harmonious with nature.

Download the app to get involved in our global movement.

"Together, we can design a future we'll be proud to pass on to our children."

-Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America

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  • 1Galaxy Buds2 Pro made with 90% recycled materials.
  • * On average in the U.S.